We all have that first car story that we cant forget.  So here's my first car story.  I was 16 and in high school and I just got my license.  My whole life I had been waiting for this moment.  Every time I step in the car in today's time I get a flash back of my first drive alone.  The best feeling ever, a weird comparison to that moment would be almost the same satisfaction level as being very thirsty and quenching that thirst with a cold glass of water.  Anyways I could go on and on about that day forever, the real reason why you're here is to read about my first car story.  I had expensive taste with a students income.  But I managed to find the best deal on a used gray mustang.  I was so in love with that car that I would wash it every day inside and out.  Sometimes I would not even let people sit in it.  I had a bunch of great memories as everyone should in their first car.  after a few years I was fortunate to move onto something newer and I was more then happy to sell that car to another young teen who was ready create a great story in that mustang.  To conclude it shows that no mater how old we become our first car will always be with us forever.